Ariel Compressor Applications

Applications Overview

Ariel reciprocating compressors operate in challenging applications throughout the energy value chain. Ariel's application-based engineering enables our customers to plan for the future and be ready for the unexpected. Whether breaking new ground, modernizing aging infrastructure, or eliminating downtime and reducing operating costs, Ariel World Standard Compressors combine continuing innovation with over 50 years of industry experience.



Throughout the energy production market, Ariel provides high-value reciprocating compressors to enhance oil production, gather natural gas, or capture bio-methane gases.


Ariel compressors manufactured for processing, pipeline, and storage applications, deliver high-efficiency along with high-flexibility.

Downstream & Refinery

Long-lasting, moderate speed reciprocating compressors are designed to operate uninterrupted for years in refining, petrochemical, chemical manufacturing and industrial gas applications.

CNG For Vehicle Fueling

Ariel relies on a foundation of 30-plus years of CNG experience, offering a product line of fast-fill CNG compressors for public and private fueling stations.

Have Specific Questions? Ask our Applications Engineers.


Ariel's application engineering department is ready and willing to assist with new compressor projects or reconfiguring existing assets. Every day our engineers work with distributors and equipment owners to configure compressors for efficiency, flexibility, and longevity. Contact us today to discover what an Ariel reciprocating compressor is capable of delivering!


Additional Resources


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Performance Program


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Our service and support teams are at the ready with 24/7, real-time support for your compression project.