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Clean natural gas is a simple molecule with an incredible role to play

Environmental Social Governance

Ariel was founded to make the best possible machine and do it in the best way we can. That's our sustaining challenge everyday. We are a lean manufacturing company that reduces waste wherever possible. Ariel works tirelessly to show respect and attention in all we do because we care about the people who surround us. We detail, document, and establish processes and procedures around critical areas of focus.


Clean Natural Gas Energy

Composed of only one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms, Natural Gas combusts readily to form about 45-50% less carbon dioxide than coal on an energy equivalent basis. Natural Gas is making everything we do in this country significantly cleaner by supplying 34% of the USA’s primary energy and fueling:

  • Homes (42%)
  • Manufacturing (41%), including 1.45TCF used to make fertilizer
  • Transportation (4%)
  • Electricity Generation (40%)

(Source: EIA and The Fertilizer Institute)

The switch to Natural Gas powered electricity is responsible for 61% of the drop in power generation CO2 emissions from 2005 to 2018 (450 Million metric Tons CO2)


Electric Power

The electric power sector has reduced its emissions significantly over the past decade by switching away from Coal-fired power generation, with Natural Gas responsible for 2/3rds of the reduction. Since 1970, precursor emissions in the US have dropped 77%, Americans are breathing the cleanest air in decades! All the while, Natural Gas has increased its share of total generation to about 40%.

Driving on Natural Gas means a 90% NOx reduction vs Diesel (Source: NGVA)



Both Texas and California set out to reduce transportation emissions. Texas focused on replacing older medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks with CNG, LPG, LNG, diesel hybrid and new diesel. California focused on BEV test projects. Overall California spent 46% more and accomplished 43% less. (Source: NGVA) Transportation is the next way for Natural Gas to improve the air quality of the US. There is a lot of room to grow as Natural Gas provides 4% of US transportation needs.  

Methane emissions intensity of the industry is down 56% since 1990, while production of Natural Gas is up 73%. (Source: American Gas Association)



Natural Gas systems are engineered and operated for safety and reliability. According to government agencies, pipelines are the safest mode of energy delivery, and this should be no secret. Statistically, pipelines are involved in .01% of all transportation accidents in the US.  Over 2.5 million miles of US pipelines are safely and efficiently helping over 69 million households get the energy they need for cooking and heating.


The Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural Gas lowered residential energy costs by 23%, saving almost $9,000 per family over 10 years
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Clean Burning
Natural gas burns cleaner than coal, gasoline, and diesel- meaning less CO2 and less NOx
Produced in 34 states, with 2.5 million miles of pipeline crisscrossing the US
Ariel’s Role- Compressors & Optimization

New innovations in technology mean Ariel compressors operate for decades and can be revitalized for changing production conditions, helping to achieve the lowest cost of ownership in any environment. In return, this leads to lower costs of natural gas energy for all consumers. Ariel compressors’ technology, reliability, and efficiency mean minimized emissions both locally and for the entire value chain.


Future Energy


Ariel is involved in three current energy industry mega-trends. There are hundreds of Ariel Compressors serving in Biogas (RNG), the Hydrogen (H2) Economy, and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS). Ariel is transforming the environmental impact of energy and how it is produced, stored, and transported.


Ariel Biogas compressors gather organic waste gas for injection into sales pipelines, CNG fueling, or mobile pipeline distribution.


Ariel Hydrogen compressors are utilized all through the value chain- H2 production, distribution, storage, and dispensing.

Carbon Capture

CO2 is captured from industrial sites and robust Ariel CO2 compressors are employed in injection, storage, pipelines, or industrial uses.


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