Environmental, Social, Governance



Welcome to Ariel’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) statement. Contained in the document are our efforts to apply an ESG framework to our operations and product offerings. I hope that it is evident that we have worked to develop this statement in a way that is consistent with Ariel’s deeply held culture and values. This statement gives us an opportunity to examine every aspect of the company’s operations. We have found much to highlight within the good work that we do as a matter of course across the company. It has also helped us identify additional focus areas that will further enhance our operations and continue to enhance our products.

As the market brings us new and exciting opportunities for emissions reductions and energy efficiency projects, our product will place us at the forefront.

Though ESG is relatively recent terminology, its underlying values are not new to us. At Ariel, we’ve always focused on the long term. We want the company to be healthy and thriving 50 years from now. This focus on the long term informs every aspect of how we run the business. We continually reinvest in our facilities, equipment, training, and tools with a focus on more efficient operations. We work to eliminate waste in processes across the company. We shepherd our resources so that the business has what it needs to survive and thrive. We foster long and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, distributors, and end users. Outside of our walls, we invest in the health and wellbeing of our communities through philanthropy and volunteerism.

Ariel’s engagement with ESG also extends to our products. As our customers seek to implement their own ESG strategies, Ariel collaborates with them to provide a variety of solutions that will decrease emissions and improve the sustainability of their operations. Our longstanding focus on the efficiency and durability of our compressors and the elimination of downtime in their operation provides tremendous value to our customers’ evolving requirements. Ariel is well-positioned to play a major role in the energy transition in the economy. As the market brings us new and exciting opportunities for emissions reductions and energy efficiency projects, our product will place us at the forefront.

Thank you for your interest in ESG at Ariel.



By incorporating best practices, Ariel will reduce our environmental impact in our manufacturing operations.  We will make positive change through the technology we apply and through our customer support.  At Ariel, we continually strive to be more efficient and eliminate waste.  We regularly test and improve products to minimize gas leakage during customer operations.  We also provide optimal training and education to our customers, because fewer failures and extending equipment life will reduce emissions.



We encourage employees and, as importantly, their families to advance their physical, mental, and financial health through Ariel’s various wellness programs.  Our priorities stretch into their communities and into our civic responsibilities.  We strive to build up the communities that surround us and fortify our business partnerships over time, promoting mutual success. 



Within Governance, we discuss how Ariel continuously strives to improve in all areas, from the company’s culture to the protection of confidential data and our supplier evaluation processes and distributor relationships.  Together, Ariel’s business procedures, processes, and policies support our core values and business needs.


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